Get involved in the North Sea Conference 2017!

10 February 2017 - Published by Eva Sehested
The North Sea Conference 2017 takes place in Göttingen, Germany on 29-30 June and we need YOU!

The theme of this year's North Sea Conference is Sustainable Growth Corridors for the Region. We are inviting you to explore with us how to connect people, organisations, cities and regions within the North Sea Region and to make it as interactive and interesting as possible we need your input.

The floor is yours: would you like to give a presentation, a speech, organise a discussion round, present an idea for a new project or exhibit your North Sea project achievements?  

See examples of how you can become actively involved in the North Sea Conference 2017 here and find the online form to apply here. Deadline for entries is Tuesday 28 February 2017. 

Read more about the North Sea Conference 2017 in this background paper

Photo: North Sea Conference 2016, Billund, Denmark