Five new projects on board

18 December 2019 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

Today, our Programme Steering Committee approved five new projects among 9 full applications submitted in Call 11.  

The approved projects are listed below.


EXSKALLERATE: Accelerate adoption of exoskeletons for construction and manufacturing applications in the North Sea Region.

undefined   I2I: From Isolation to Inclusion: innovation in social service delivery to improve social inclusion and counteract loneliness in the North Sea Region.
undefined   Circ-NSR: Circular North Sea Regions - Improving Governance for the Circular Economy.
undefined   Stronghouse: Sustainable housing for strong communities.
undefined   AVATAR: Sustainable urban freight transport with autonomous zero-emission vessels.

In total, approximately €8.8 million was allocated to the new projects, including €8.3 million in ERDF funding and €489,000 in Norwegian funding. 

A warm welcome to the new projects!  

Extension granted to four projects  

In addition, the Steering Committee granted extensions to the following projects: Inno-Quarter, TOPSOIL, COBEN, and WaterCoG. 

Approximately €2.8 million of ERDF funding was allocated to these extensions.