EC Day 2020: Webinar on European cooperation

01 September 2020 - Published by Tuuli Veikkanen

What does European cooperation look like in 2020? How are current challenges such as Covid-19 and Brexit affecting the EU institutions and instruments, including Interreg programmes? 

To reflect on these questions and to celebrate the European Cooperation Day, the Joint Secretariat will host a webinar "European Cooperation in a Changing World: Covid-19, Brexit and Climate Change" on 25 September, 10-11 am.

The webinar will bring together Danish MEP Morten Helveg Petersen, Interreg, Interact, TOPSOIL project, and students of European Studies and other relevant university programmes. Although the webinar is aimed at students, everyone is welcome to attend.

In the webinar, you will have an opportunity to learn about European transnational cooperation and take a peek behind the scenes of the European Parliament and Interreg programmes and projects. You will also have a chance to ask questions of the speakers.

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1) What is Interreg and what is it good for? / Eva Martinez Orosa, Interact

2) Interreg and the North Sea: How to make a positive difference in turbulent times / Christian Byrith, Head of Secretariat, Interreg North Sea Region Programme

3) Cooperation addressing climate change / Rolf Johnsen, TOPSOIL (Interreg North Sea Region project) 

4) Cooperation matters: The role of Interreg in battling current European challenges / MEP Morten Helveg Petersen

30 years of European cooperation

The European Cooperation Day, also known as the EC Day, is celebrated every year across Europe. This year, the EC Day is particularly important for Interreg programmes, as 2020 is the 30th anniversary of European cooperation in the framework of Interreg. To celebrate the anniversary, events and activities are held across Europe, including a joint poster exhibition organised by the Interreg programmes covering Denmark. On the European Cooperation Day website, you can see all the activities organised by the Interreg programmes.