Does your project shine? Apply for the Regiostar Awards

12 March 2020 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

The RegioStars Awards are now open for applications!

If your project has produced interesting outcomes, then you should consider to apply. Being nominated for a RegioStar Award is a great way to spotlight your project and its achievements. 

RegioStar Awards honour EU-funded projects demonstrating excellence and new approaches in regional development. They are handed out at a high-visibility event at the EURegionsWeek in Brussels 12-15 October.

Who can apply?

The awards are open for ongoing and completed Interreg projects, with a start date in January 2007 or later.

The European Commission is looking for mature Interreg projects able to demonstrate that their innovative ideas work in practice. Therefore, you should only apply if your project a) falls within one of the award categories below and b) has produced tangible outcomes and can showcase achievements. 

Five categories

One winner will be selected for each of the following categories:

  1. Industrial transition for a smart Europe  
  2. Circular economy for a green Europe  
  3. Skills & education for a digital Europe  
  4. Citizens engagement for cohesive European cities  
  5. 30 years of Interreg: Youth empowerment for cooperation across borders (topic of the Year).

In addition, an award will be given for the 'public choice' winner, based on public votes.

Learn more

Learn more on the RegioStars Awards website

Download the RegioStars guide for applicants


How to apply

You need the endorsement of the North Sea Region Programme to apply. Therefore, the first step is to submit your application to the Joint Secretariat. Maximum five projects are allowed to enter the contest for each Interreg programme, so depending on the number of entries, the Secretariat may need to select between them. 

Download application form 

Please send the completed application form to the Joint Secretariat at no later than 15 April. 

If your project is selected, you will need to enter your application including the Programme endorsement in the online application form before 9 May.