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Did you enjoy the North Sea Conference?

27 September 2017 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
If you did, you are not alone. See what other participants said about the conference and explore the pictures.

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the North Sea Conference, the key annual event bringing North Sea Region stakeholders together to jointly tackle the region’s opportunities and challenges.

Drawing over 320 highly engaged delegates, the conference once again created a vibrant atmosphere, as reflected in the pictures from the event. 

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More than 50 participants joined an evaluation survey conducted after the conference. The results reveal a high degree of satisfaction:

  • Over 90 % of the respondents rated the conference as either good (35%) or excellent (56%).
  • 77 % of the respondents for whom this was relevant felt inspired by the event to develop new projects.  
  • Over 85 % of participants for whom partner search was a relevant aspect found that the conference helped them to identify new project partners from other countries.

Interwork event appreciated

The Interwork event organised in conjunction with the conference also received high ratings from the participants.

From learning about the application process to project idea development and partner search, a clear majority of respondents reported that each part of the Interwork event had been really helpful for them to move forward.

Project Advisor Sarah Holsen explains the project application process at the Interwork event.

Statements from the participants

In the survey, many respondents expressed their appreciation of the North Sea Conference in comments. Below is a small sample:

“It offered lots of opportunities to meet new people and exchange ideas”

“The annual conference is the most positive and effective way to get in personal contact with stakeholders to develop project ideas”

“Perfect setting for finding new projects & project partners!”

“It's very valuable to meet people in 'real life' to make connections for future cooperation and possible projects”

“Simply the only place where you can meet so many experienced project people”

See the conference pictures

Images by Kira Petersen / North Sea Region Programme