Dates confirmed for 2018 calls

14 February 2018 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
All dates for preparing, submitting, and approving applications under the three calls in 2018 are now in place.

Our Monitoring Committee has approved the final schedule of calls for applications in 2018. If you wish to apply for funds from the North Sea Region Programme this year, we  advise you to bookmark these dates and take note of important deadlines.

Start your application process early

For each call, there is a preparation phase and a submission phase

In the preparation phase, you can start putting your application together in our Online Monitoring SystemAlso, you may consult with the relevant Project Advisors in the Secretariat about your project idea.

In the submission phase, you can submit your application via the Online Monitoring System as soon as it is readyDuring this period, your access to Secretariat support is strictly limited to technical guidance, for example on which state aid scheme an individual beneficiary should choose. However, you may continue to consult the National Contact Points about the content of your application until you submit it. 

We advise you to start working on your application as soon as the preparation phase starts as this enables you to receive qualified feedback on your project idea and concepts.

Please note that we provide a customised list of relevant online guidance for each call. We invite you to check these resources out first before you contact the Secretariat with specific questions. 

Overview of key dates

Call 5 for full applications

Preparation phase: The preparation phase has closed for this call. 

Submission phase:  9 February - 5 March

Learn more about Call 5


Call 6 for expressions of interest

Preparation phase: The preparation phase for Call 6 is currently open and will close on 4 March   

Submission phase: 5 March - 5 April

Learn more about Call 6 


Call 7 for full applications

Preparation phase:  29 June - 2 September

Submission phase:  3 September - 1 October

Learn more about Call 7


Decision dates

Our Steering Committee will take final decisions on the submitted applications submitted under Call 5 and 6 during their meeting 19-20 June 2018.

The Committee will take final decisions on applications submitted under Call 7  at their meeting 11-12 December 2018.