Climate adaptation, Brexit and Covid-19: Watch the EC Day webinar

29 September 2020 - Published by Tuuli Veikkanen

On 25 September we hosted a webinar "European Cooperation in a Changing World" for university students, to introduce the Interreg programmes and give a peek behind the scenes at the current developments in transnational cooperation. The webinar was part of the European-wide European Cooperation Day celebrations, especially meaningful this year as 2020 marks 30 years cooperation in the framework of Interreg

The webinar had a great turnout of 76 attendees, including many university students from universities in the North Sea region, mostly students of Global Studies and European Studies. 

In the webinar, Eva Martínez Orosa from Interact introduced the Interreg programmes, while our Head of Secretariat Christian Byrith highlighted how the current challenges, such as Covid-19 and Brexit, are affecting the North Sea Region Programme.

Rolf Johnsen told about the North Sea Region funded TOPSOIL project. He highlighted the importance of transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation in the field of climate adaptation and gave excellent practical examples of how different countries have different strengths in water management.

undefinedRolf Johnsen explains why 5 countries' contributions to the TOPSOIL project make it stronger.

Last, but not least, Danish MEP Morten Helveg Petersen offered his insights into the Interreg programmes and the North Sea Region. "If we are not on a European level able to agree on same targets or measures, the regional issues and examples will prove themselves even more important in the future. The regional, or local, even, examples are going to be so important in leading the [green] transition," said Helveg.

Watch the full webinar here or below: