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Check the dates: Upcoming calls for projects

01 June 2018 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

We have now scheduled our next five calls for applications. If you are looking for co-funding matching one of our four priority themes, be sure to keep tabs on these dates and take the opportunity to apply. 

The next two calls will open on 29 June 2018: Call 7 for full applications and Call 8 for expressions of interest. Three calls have been scheduled in 2019. 

Do not miss the opportunity

If you wish to have co-funding in place for a new project in 2019, make sure to enter your expression of interest in Call 8 (open 29 June -12 October 2018).

Due to our two-step application proces, you may only submit a full application under Call 9 based on an approved expression of interest. However, you may also reapply based on a full application that was previously rejected.

Creating an expression of interest is relatively simple and if it is approved, you  can work on your full application in greater confidence. The success rate of full applications was above 70% in 2017. 

Timeline for upcoming calls


> Overview of all scheduled calls in 2018 and 2019

> Learn more about Call 7 for full applications 

> Learn more about Call 8 for expressions of interest