Call 4 is open for expressions of interest

30 June 2017 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
Got a project idea that will propel the North Sea Region forward?

As from today, Call 4 is officially open for submitting your project idea via our online expression of interest form.

We are interested in ideas for transnational projects that relate to our four priority themes. Our projects typically address some of the region's pressing issues or take advantage of the region's huge potential for innovation that can reduce disparities and benefit our societies. 

Do not miss this opportunity

Submitting an expression of interest is a simple, but mandatory first step in your project application process. Your project idea must be formally approved by our Steering Committee before you can move on to the next step and submit a full application under Call 5 (29 December 2017 - 5 March 2018). 

We advise you to start putting together your expression of interest as soon as possible, so that you have ample time to develop a convincing presentation of your idea.  

Start working online

Your expression of interest needs to be submitted through an application form available in our online monitoring system.

The process is straightforward: First, you need to create a free account. Then you can navigate to the online expression of interest form and start to fill in the details. You can save your draft as you go along.

We recommend you to start working in the online application form as early as possible, to ensure you will have addressed all required aspects by the deadline.

Tips for developing a successful expression of interest


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