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Call 1 second round: here are the numbers

25 April 2022 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

The first full applications in the new programme are in! The second deadline for applications in Call 1 of the new Interreg North Sea Programme 2021-2027 has now passed.

We are excited to have received 24 full applications and happy to see interest in all four priorities adopted for the new programme. Our project advisors will now carefully assess the proposals to inform the Monitoring Committee. The Committee will take the decision to approve or reject each application. 

Applications per priority

Below is an overview of the number of applications received within each priority.  


The next step 

Our Monitoring Commitee is expected to take final decisions on the full applications on 20/21 September. Subsequently, each applicant will be informed. 

Note: Decisions on the first round of applications - dedicated to expressions of interest and small-scale projects - are expected to be taken on 29 June.