Back up your achievements with indicators

02 May 2019 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

Being able to document and provide evidence for your achievements is a central issue for Interreg programmes and projects. A growing number of stakeholders inquire about the core facts and information that back up projects' results and outputs.

To promote and disseminate their innovations, successes, and results in a convincing way, projects need to set up robust processes to systematically gather the relevant data in a consistent way across the partnership. 

Get new guidance

To help ongoing projects to track and present their achievements in confidence, we have compiled some tips to help you monitor your indicators over the lifetime of your projects. Please download the guidance and tools below to ensure you are following best practice in gathering and presenting evidence for your achievements. 

> Download our guidance on best-practice for indicators

> Download the template for tracking your achievements Note: The first output shows some sample entries. This template was developed and kindly shared by the North Sea Region project DUAL Ports.