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Apply in the new programme: Get a head start in the online system

11 November 2021 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

Today, we are launching the new Online Monitoring System designed for the future North Sea Programme (2021-2027).

You need to use the system for applying with us in the future programme. You may create an account and browse the system already now. We advise you to start working in the online environment as early as possible, to get a running start.

Also, the system is open for you to start developing an expression of interest in the first call for proposals.

Set up your account

You can create an account in just a few minutes. To set up your account, please visit  Choose 'register' in the left-hand side and fill in your profile. Simple as that! 

Develop your application online

In Call 1, you may apply for both regular and small-scale projects. 

For regular projects, you may submit either an expression of interest or a full application. 

The expression of interest is much simpler than a full application. Once your expression of interest is approved, you will have a firm basis for working out a full application. You may however also choose to submit a full application straight away, if you are confident that your project stands a good chance of approval. Please note: This is only an option in Call 1. In future calls, you will need to follow a two-step procedure. 

For small-scale projects, there is just one step - a simplified full application.  

You can submit your application during Call 1, which will open in December.

Please note: At this point, you can only start working on expressions of interest in the system. We will make the full application modules available in due course. Other modules, such as the messaging and reporting modules, will be updated or added later as well. 

Need technical support?

If you need any help to set up your account or use the system, please contact our service provider Apogee:

You may also contact our project advisors:

Christoffer Villsen:
Annemieke Feikens:

The next steps

We expect to open Call 1 in December. At the same time, we will provide fact sheets and guidance for the call. We will also set up consultation hours for you to get in touch with our project advisors about the content. 

Meanwhile, you can find some information here:

Webinar recordings covering a range of aspects, from finance management to small-scale projects.  

Draft programme – thematic section: This part of the draft programme has been published to help you understand more about the themes.