Apply for the Interreg Project Slam

14 April 2020 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

This year's Interreg Project Slam is now open! As in previous years, Interact offers this excellent opportunity to showcase your project and its achievements. The final winners are chosen based on live performances at the annual EU Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels in October.  This year, the event is more important than ever as this year marks Interreg's 30 year anniversary! 


This year's topics are the three broad themes adopted for the Interreg 30 years celebration: 1) We all have a neighbour 2) Youth and 3) Greener Europe. Your project must fit into one of these themes to be eligible. 

Learn more about the themes in the Interreg 30 years handbook

Share your story

The objective of the Interreg Project Slam is to foster great project storytelling. So it seems fitting that your ticket to being selected is to submit a really good story!  

To help you craft your story, Interact offers an online tool that makes storytelling easy: Just fill in the online form with your best answers and receive your own draft story by email! The idea is to quickly draft a story which you can subsequently refine and improve. 

You are recommended to use this tool, however it is not mandatory. The alternative is to fill in this template and submit this to the Joint Secretariat (see below). 

Learn more and apply

Six projects - two per theme - will ultimately be selected to give a live performance at the EURegionsWeek and have the chance to win an award. The first challenge is to apply to become one of 30 nominated projects. Those nominated will subsequently need to submit a 2-minute video as part of the next stage.

Learn more in Interact's news article

To apply, please send your story created through the Interact storytelling tool or the completed story submission form to the Joint Secretariat at, including "Project Slam" in the subject line.

Deadline: 22 April EOB

Please note: If your story is found to be sufficiently strong, we will be in touch with you on Thursday 23 April, so please ensure that your listed contact person is available on that day. The Joint Secretariat needs to submit all final applications online by Friday 24 April.

Watch this video to gain an impression of the Interreg Project Slam 2019. The North Sea Region project 2IMPREZS won first place!