And the winner for 2019 is...

25 June 2019 - Published by Lise Espersen
See who won the North Sea Region video contest!

At the Opening Dinner of the North Sea Conference on 25 June, the two winners of the second North Sea Region video competition for ongoing projects were revealed.

Inno-Quarter was chosen as the winner whilst a video submitted by DUAL-Ports was chosen as the runner-up. Both projects received awards, and the winning videos were screened before an audience of 250 people.

Both projects are addressing climate change: Whilst DUAL Ports is all about decarbonising reigonal ports, Inno-Quarter facilitates start-ups to develop business ideas in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including several products that help reduce carbon emissions. 

Dennis Sieperda received the award on behalf of the Inno-quarter project, whilst Camilla Bruun Sørensen received the DUAL-Ports award.


North Sea Commission President, Kerstin Brunnström of the North Sea Commission and Andreas Cantoni from Region Västra Götaland handed out the awards.


The decision was jointly made by 14 judges, two from each of the seven North Sea Countries appointed by our Monitoring Committee. 11 video entries were submitted for the contest.


Their video was chosen as the winner due to its clear narrative, visual elements and inclusion of short interviews with people who actually use the services offered by the project.

Inno-Quarter provides a new way to support SMEs and entrepreneurs helping them to develop their ideas and obtain access to support mechanisms so that they can progress and test the validity of their ideas at festivals taking place throughout the North Sea Region.


The DUAL Ports project aims o decarbonise regional entrepreneurial ports through a shared eco-innovation programme and runs eight pilots demonstrating green port concepts.


At the Joint Secretariat, we are very pleased with the level of participation and creativity shown by ongoing projects during the second year of the contest. We thank all those projects who prepared and submitted entries. Watch this space to learn more about the next (third) North Sea Region video contest.

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