10 expressions of interest approved

12 December 2018 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

At the Steering Committee meeting on 12 December 2018, 22 expressions of interest submitted in Call 8 were discussed and final decisions were taken.

A total of 10 expressions of interest were approved and are thus eligible to submit a full application in Call 9. Thanks to our two-step application process, successful applicants at the expression of interest stage can prepare their full applications with more confidence, based on feedback received on their expression of interest. 

The approved expressions of interest are listed below.

undefined      BEESPOKE Benefitting the Economy through Enhanced Sustainable Pollination and Opening up Knowledge for End users 
undefined   EXSKALLERATE ACCELERATE adoption of EXOSKELETONS for construction and manufacturing applications in the North Sea Region
undefined   NorthTick Tick-Borne Infections in the North Sea Region - A Knowledge Partnership to Create a One Health Perspective
undefined   COM³ Building COMpetences for COMpetitive COMpanies
undefined   MSP Navigator Navigating Blue Growth in the North Sea region - Innovative Services in Maritime Spatial Planning
undefined   SPIRIT Strategic Public citizen-service Innovation poweRed by open ICT infrastructure
undefined   NON-STOP New smart digital Operations Needed for a Sustainable Transition Of Ports  
undefined   WASP (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion) Run Wind Propulsion Technology real life trials on sea going ships in operation>showcase proven concepts>market adoption>green sea transport
undefined   PROSPER Climate-Proof through Flood-Proof: learning better flood defense in the Living Lab Hedwige- and Prosperpolder 
undefined   ZEM Ports NS Zero Emission Ports North Sea

Note: All applicants will soon receive a formal decision letter in the Online Monitoring System.  

Interwork event: Prepare for success

Applicants in Call 9 (for full applications) and Call 10 (for expressions of interest) are strongly recommended to attend our upcoming Interwork event in The Hague 16-17 January 2019. This event is designed to help applicants develop robust project concepts and partnerships with a higher chance of succeeding. 

Learn more and register for the Interwork event

Learn more about Call 9 for full applications

Learn more about Call 10 for expressions of interest