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Webinar series: Soft launch North Sea Programme 2021-2027

Venue: Online, using Zoom

Are you geared up to start applying in the 2021-27 programme? Or are you simply interested in knowing more about the framework and rules of the new programme? We are 'soft launching' the 2021-2027 North Sea Programme with four webinars in early November to equip you with the essential information to start the application process for the first call for proposals.   

While the operational programme is still under consultation, we know that many of you are already in full preparation mode. We will therefore hold a 'soft launch', which means that projects that would like to begin their application can get information about the programme framework and rules.     

All four webinars will be held online, using Zoom. The webinars are a perfect preparation for the Get ready event on November 25 in Bruges. 


Team up to face a common challenge

On November 1, we invite you to the official 'soft launch' of the new North Sea Programme 2021-2027. In addition to an update on the programme content and information on the types of projects we are looking for, this webinar will have a special focus on the rules around partnerships in projects. Are you wondering how organisations can work together or about the responsibilities of the lead partner and the partners? Would you like to know what a local partnership is? Then this webinar is for you.  

Topic: Official soft launch & partnership rules in the 2021-2027 North Sea Programme 

When: November 1, 13:00-14:30

You can find part 1: Introduction & Soft launch here.

You can find part 2: on Partnerships here.



Activities and costs eligible for funding 

On November 2, we will dive in the finances of a project. What type of cost are eligible for funding and how do I set this up in a project application? How does the co-financing work, and do I apply national or EU-rules? This webinar will give you an insight into project finance. With examples and tips our team will prepare you for the application process and the financial management of a project.

Topic: Project expenses in the 2021-2027 North Sea Programme   

When: November 2, 13:00-14:00 

You can find the slides here. 


Setting project objectives and measuring achievements

Objectives, indicators, intervention logic; what does that mean and how do they work together in the new North Sea Programme? On November 8 we organise a webinar to make you familiar with these terms and introduce to you how they should be used. They are all crucial for your project and for your application. We hope therefore that many that plan to apply under Call 1 will join us for this webinar. Our aim is to make it crystal-clear how to use these concepts to set out the change you aim to achieve with your project.   

Topic: Project goals in the 2021-2027 North Sea Programme  

When: November 8, 13:00-14:00

You can find the slides here.


Small-scale projects 

The new North Sea Programme will have a new type of project, called 'small-scale project'. Are you curious to hear what this is about? Are you thinking about applying for a small-scale project? Sign up to find out what the difference is in timeframe, programme rules and finances.

You can find the slides here.



Each webinar will end with a question and answer session. You can submit questions during the webinar. If there is not sufficient time to answer all the questions, we will make a question & answer list available on our website. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Photo by Antonio Janeski/Unsplash