Adapting to Covid-19 restrictions

On this page, we collect examples of projects adapting during the pandemic. 


Helping start-ups brave the pandemic
Inno-Quarter has assisted festivals to adapt to Covid-19 restrictions.
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Reframing loneliness during lockdown
Isolation to Inclusion (I2I) included learnings from Covid-19 in the project combatting loneliness and social isolation.
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Bringing museums to the home
Cupido collaborated with XpoNorth Heritage to host a series of eight online digital skills workshops, "Bringing Museums to the Home". The workshops were designed to help heritage organisations develop the skills to connect with audiences through digital media.
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Projects press on during lockdown
Several projects share in this article how they keep the partnership together, explore how to serve communities during and after lockdown and showcase their communication methods on digital platforms.
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How (not) to organise an online conference
The Joint Secretariat also adapts and shares its experience with co-organising the first online North Sea Region Conference.
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Photo by Florian Schmetz / Unsplash