How can your NCP help you?

Who are the National Contact Points (NCPs)?

Each member country has an NCP except for Denmark. The role of the NCPs is to facilitate project development and delivery. If you would like to apply for funding, please get in touch with your NCP to help you navigate the process. Please feel free to contact the Joint Secretariat directly if you are a Danish organisation with questions about project development and delivery.

How can the NCPs help you?

NCPs can help you understand the programme rules. Since they are based in your country, they can also inform about national or regional policies and rules. You can communicate with the NCPs in English or your national language. 

NCPs provide essential support at each stage of the project lifecycle:

  • Project development. Checking that your project is in line with programme priorities. Helping you to find project partners in your own country and across the North Sea Region.
  • Project implementation. Attending your kick-off meeting. Answering questions and queries. Providing advice if your project gets into difficulties.
  • Project closure. Helping you close your project correctly and offering support during final conferences.
  • Project promotion and communication. Helping to share and promote your project achievements to a national audience during the project lifetime and beyond.