UK Primary well on their way to save energy

10 January 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
UK primary schools are well on their way to save energy in their schools through the Interreg project 2IMPREZS. The 10 primary schools have started the UK version of Energy Challenges this term and have been visited by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council for the kick off assembly.

Ten local primary schools have started the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges programme in the Southend-on-Sea Borough. Emily Hayward and Stephanie Li from Durham Council have visited Chalkwell Hall Infant school, Temple Sutton Primary, Heycroft Primary, Friars Primary,

Porters Grange and Hamstel Infant School to present a kick off assembly created by Young People's Trust for the Environment. This has been to further develop and enhance the UK version of Energy Challenges. 


During the assembly the students were informed about the upcoming Energy Challenges poster competition whereby they will be competing to create the best poster to encourage energy saving in schools. At the assembly, the children were told about the Energy Walkrounds where chosen Ecowarriors will be carefully selected to monitor the energy usage in each classroom. As well as this, they were introduced to the Penguin of Power, which involves a whole schools competition by where the class with the best energy walk rounds will receive the Penguin of Power to have in their classroom.


The assembly is the first stage of the Energy Challenges project whereby the students will be taking part in three topics: Energy & Climate, Plastic & Waste; and Nature & Biodiversity. The schools have been given a resource pack that includes interactive lessons and activities for the students to learn about the importance of energy and how to make savings in their schools. The schools will be moving onto the second topic in the New Year, providing feedback that will help to shape the programme when we expand to 20 primary schools in the 2019/2020 academic year.