Two Belgian schools make ‘A LOT OF NOISE’ to kick off their energy saving ambitions

17 January 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
‘De Verrekijker’ and ‘Klimop’ are two municipal primary schools in Ravels, Belgium, that have taken up the Energy Challenges. In both schools 'Mie and Gie' put up a show with theatre, music and dance and launched a new slogan among the school children: "We are joining Mie and Gie, so we can save more energy”.

Since September 2018, 12 Belgian schools within the IOK-partner region are implementing Energy Challenges. ‘De Verrekijker’ and ‘Klimop’ are two of them.

‘De Verrekijker’ and ‘Klimop’ are municipal primary schools with 165 and 350 pupils from 3 to 12 years of age.

  • ‘Klimop’ was built in 1914, but was thoroughly renovated around the year 2000. In 2013 the school had an energy consumption of 214 kWh / m².
  • ‘De Verrekijker’ was built in 2014, is well insulated, has solar panels and an energy consumption of 78 kWh/m².


Both schools and the city council want to reduce energy consumption significantly. To kick off this ambition, the school set up a noisy stage: all children were asked to bring bells, horns, whistles…to school to organise a ‘wake up for climate’. Why? Because we need everyone to save energy.


Mie and Gie and Doctor S.Top visiting the school


Mie and Gie entered the school stage in complete panic. Tears flowed and they did not know what to do: our earth is sick, very sick! High fever and a lot of flooding... Sadly, Doctor S.Top also had no solution and asked the help of all the school to heal the earth. Only together we can do more! #wakeupforclimate

Mie and Gie put up a show with theater, music and dance. They also launched a new slogan among the school children, all singing out loudly: "We are joining Mie and Gie, so we can save more energy”.

De Verrekijker en Klimop: two more Belgian schools preparing to impress.