Thomas More Heating Installations Workshop

22 March 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
Thomas More teaches secondary school students how to optimize their school’s heating installation.



As you can see in the short film, Paul from Thomas More visits the school for a workshop, introducing secondary students (more or less 17 year olds) into the operation of heating installations, with particular attention to optimizing their operation. Experience shows that heating installations usually do not work optimally and that a fairly simple analysis followed by adjustment of the operation can yield up to 15% energy savings.

After a theoretical introduction, the students visit a heating installation. Data loggers are placed, measuring departure and return temperatures during a week. After a week the data is read out and analyzed together with the students. It is checked whether the installation correctly enters into the weekend regime during the weekend, switches back to normal regime in time, whether the temperature difference between departure and return is good, and so on. Recommendations are worked out and implemented based on the analysis.