The Amigos of the Sint-Jan Berchmans College take up the Energy Challenge

06 November 2018 - Published by Debbie Glen
The Secondary School of the Sint-Jan Berchmans College are no strangers to saving energy, they are one of the greenest schools in the region. Although all things can still be improved, and they can’t wait to start the Energy Challenge!

Sint-Jan Berchmans Secondary School in Puurs, Belgium is one of the greenest schools in the region!

Every year, the students hold elections in order to form a new student government.  A subcommittee of this student government are the 'Amigos', these are the students that want to make their school greener.

In previous years, they have made sure to reduce plastic at school by implementing the following great initiatives and practices:

  • providing reusable drinking bottles
  • giving out healthy treats
  • encourage fellow students to travel by bike
  • greenified the school yard


They have chosen to pick up the Energy Challenge and are brainstorming about the best way to save energy, as well as a kick-ass name for them to enter the challenge with.