Students in Mechelen stand up for the climate

23 January 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
Students from different schools in Mechelen join forces in a rally for the climate

On Wednesday 23rd of January, students from different schools in Mechelen gathered in front of the city hall, to protest for the climate.

The rally, organised by 2IMPREZS school, BA Pitzemburg and joined by multiple other campuses, aims to wake up both local and federal government, to take action for our climate.

BA Pitzemburg student Max told our reporter, “We hope the local council will make some time to listen to us, to meet with us and to make changes in the current climate plan with us. The city has to undertake some actions to make Mechelen a more climate-friendly environment”.

For now, this rally in Mechelen was a one-time event. However, students from all over Belgium have been gathering each Thursday in Brussels and continue to do so until real changes are made.