Southend schools achieving great reductions in emissions!

02 April 2020 - Published by Debbie Glen
Throughout Southend, schools have been making excellent progress on reducing their emissions, with one school reaching a 72% reduction in total emissions over two years.


Schools throughout Southend-on-Sea have been doing a fantastic job in progressing towards 2imprezs’ emissions goals, with Porters Grange achieving a staggering 72% reduction in total emissions over two years! Other schools have performed excellently too, with West Leigh Junior School reporting a 30% reduction in total emissions over one year, Temple Sutton Primary School reporting a 10% reduction, Hamstel Infants School a 12% reduction, and Heycroft Primary School a 10% reduction. Pupils, teachers, and technical staff alike should be praised for their hard work in helping create greener schools.

In future, E. Wattson will help schools go even further to reduce their emissions by making the business case for schools and local authorities/municipalities to invest in energy saving measures. Some remarkable savings can be won simply through switching to LED lighting alone: numerous reports indicate that lighting amounts to 20-25% of total energy used in schools, and that replacing those standard lightbulbs with LEDs can reduce energy costs by 75%. This instantly achieves the 15% reduction via technical measures! E. Wattson will facilitate and evidence these sorts of reductions.