School Building Managers Transition to Meeting Online to Comply with COVID-19 Measures

21 October 2020 - Published by Debbie Glen
On the 15th of October, the Bi-annual Network Event for School Building Managers was held. The event, is usually organised in a participating 2IMPREZS school, but was reformed to a digital meeting to comply with current COVID-19 restrictions.

Every six months, the Province of Antwerp organises a network event for School Building Managers in the 2IMPREZS project.

The meeting is usually held in a different school from within the project each time, and offers interesting guest speakers, connecting people and proving room for exchange.  The visit is normally closed by a walk through the hosting school; this allows all involved to see the changes they’ve implemented thanks to the project.

The most recent edition of the event was held on October 15th 2020, as a digital meeting to comply with current COVID-19 restrictions.

Topics of this webinar included:

  • Energy monitoring in school buildings: What are the technical possibilities?
  • Sensible ventilation in times of corona: How to use a CO2 meter?
  • Using your digital meter as a smart meter.

The tour around the school building of planned host Pitzemburg was cancelled for obvious reasons.

The webinar had an interactive character, with 20 participants from different schools in the project and listening to the experts and exchanging experiences.