School Building Managers Exchange Experiences on Building Management Systems

26 November 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
Why or why not choose a Building Management System? - How to get started with a small budget? - If you invest, what should you bear in mind?


On the 14th of November, PTS Secondary School in the Province of Antwerp hosted the 3rd gathering of the School Building Managers from 15 schools in the province.

Many schools announced they wanted to know more about Building Management Systems, and of course heating and cooling management systems were focused on.

Paul De Schepper from project partner Thomas More, presented 'Why one should or should not choose a Building Management System?'. He explained, the following important key points;

  • many systems are very expensive - suggesting it was usually best to endeavour to start small
  • ensure the system can be edited by yourself - thus not dependent on external people needing to be called in to make adjustments
  • certify the different tools in the system are able to communicate with each other, and also with possible future tools
  • costs can often be reduced by using your own cables, instead of working with web servers


After this interesting talk, Peter Van Den Bossche of PTS Boom presented some information on the measures that have been taken in PTS Boom:

  • a renovation of the heating system
  • a gradual relighting in the school, performed by the pupils




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