Rinkenæs School focuses on transportation in the 2IMPREZS Project

22 November 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
The Student Council of the Rinkenæs School in southern Denmark took on the task of making the staff and the pupils more aware of the CO2 emissions linked to the transport to and from school.

Rinkenæs School already have good experiences in participating in the national event, “Alle Børn Cykler” (All Children Bike) and the local event, “Giv dit barn lov” (Let your Child Bike), in which they won both competitions.

On the 7th and 18th of November, the House of Science staff taught the pupils to calculate the CO2 emission linked to the various ways of transportation.

The idea was to calculate the carbon emissions before and after their campaign, and finally later during the year.

To show the results of the calculation, the pupils used paper-cut balloons that symbolised a certain amount of CO2.




The Student Council tested the calculation on themselves and reduced their emissions from 10.3kg to 3.8kg CO2 per day by changing their habits.

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This was achieved by measuring, before the campaign their parents drove them to school after changing their habits they took their bikes or walked to school.




The pupils also learned about the other positive effects from active transportation such as;

  • improved physical fitness
  • improved concentration
  • better mood

Finally, the pupils learned that society saves money through more active, low carbon transportation methods. Overall, the school project has been a success in increasing the pupils' awareness of the effects of transportation on the environment, knowledge that can empower them in future endeavours to mitigate climate change.