Report cards are in: Teachers in Southend praise 2IMPREZS

23 April 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
Chalkwell Hall Junior School have teamed up with the media students at SEEVIC college to create an introduction video for the Interreg 2imprezs project Energy Challenges.

The students at Chalkwell Hall Junior school along with nine other UK primary schools are participating in the programme in the 2018-19 academic year. The students have completed the energy topic and will be moving onto the plastic and waste topic after the Easter Holidays.

The students have been working alongside some media studies students at the local SEEVIC college to create a video to introduce the Energy Challenges topic. They have been working with Peter Littlewood from YPTE to brainstorm ideas. The video which was filmed and edited entirely by the college students will be featured on the UK Energy Challenges website for all participating schools to view.




The video will also be shown to schools all around the UK to encourage them to sign up to Energy Challenges in the future. Students can be seen participating in Energy Walkrounds and partaking in energy saving activities. Teachers at the school are also featured in the video to explain the benefits of the programme.

In the future, Southend Borough Council will team back up with SEEVIC, YPTE and other primary schools to film a similar video for both the Plastic Challenges and Nature Challenges topics.