QWORZO Merksplas pupils collect their first 'Ray of Sunshine' for Mobility Project

07 November 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
Pupils of the primary school ‘QWORZO’ in Merksplas started their Energy Challenges with a focus on mobility.

On the 18th of October the school pupils gathered to present their efforts to each other.

All the children were involved in the project and tried their best to travel to school on their bikes, by bus or on foot to use steps as much as possible. Furthermore, some classes produced a mobility song, and others created posters to promote using bikes or ‘thank you’ tags for bikes and steps.

A mascot named ‘Qlimaatje’ supports the children in their efforts and encourages them.

As a reward, the children received their first ‘Ray of Sunshine’. The slogan of the school is ‘QWORZO lets you shine’.




In the next months, the pupils will work around other themes (e.g. lighting) and collect the other rays of sunshine so their sun on the playground can fully shine.