Porters Grange Primary School are taking Energy Challenges by storm with their creative approach to energy saving and waste reduction

03 May 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
Porters Grange Primary School have been using the ‘Penguin of Power’ to fight energy wastage in their school. Students have been completing energy walk rounds and have created a school display to monitor their progress.


Porters Grange Primary School in Southend on Sea have been participating in the Interreg North Sea Region funded project 2Imprezs since September 2018.

The students and staff have been following the first topic ‘Energy Challenges’ in a bid to reduce their energy consumption and encourage behaviour change among the kids.

So far, the eco-warriors have been elected to carry out 'energy walkrounds' whereby the students inspect each classroom to monitor the school energy saving behaviours.  Not only have they been doing the energy walkrounds, the school have been running class competitions and completing energy saving lessons and activities.  

They have created a display to monitor the progress of the school. The display (made by recycled materials) features the 'Penguin of Power' and winner of the class energy walkrounds.



The school will be completing the 'energy walkrounds' and holding the class competition throughout the academic year.


Next term, the students will try to tackle the issue of plastic and waste within the school.