Neighbour Henk's Kitchen Garden

02 April 2020 - Published by Debbie Glen
As a result of school closures across the Netherlands and the globe, Team Energy Challenges in the Netherlands has decided to go online! Every week there will be published a newsletter as well as a video for the 2IMPREZS Energizers to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.


Now that the whole world is upside down and we, too, are no longer able to continue sending the ‘Raging Reporters’ to check in on the schools’ energy savings in person, Energy Challenges Netherlands have thought about how they can continue the Energy Challenges campaign online.

In these virtual Energy Challenges, Sofie of Team Energy Challenges Netherlands will take the pupils to many interesting places! The first destination is neighbour Henk’s kitchen garden, where plenty of delicious vegetables are growing. In the videos, Sofie will ask some low-carbon, energy-related questions to which the children can respond in order to win sustainable prizes! In this way, the pupils are able to learn about energy at home.

From today onward, the Dutch Energy Challenges will send a newsletter to the Energizers every Monday. Each newsletter contains an easy-to-understand video with information and an assignment. Of course, it is up to the Energizers themselves to decide to participate – after-all, they are still in charge of their own energy consumption habits and remain at the centre of the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges campaign. Every week, Team Energy Challenges Netherlands will pick the best, craziest, and most inventive response and reward it with an inspiring low-carbon prize. This week, a beautiful Elfinbook is waiting for the winner to take it home, and next week, there will be a special, reusable water bottle made of cane sugar to be won.

We exactly what the results of the actions you are taking are at the school. We can keep track of gas and electricity consumption from day to day – so long as this is in the school buildings. However, this may not be possible at home. On the bright side of the current global pandemic, the #StayHome initiatives across the NSR allow the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges to work their way into the home.

The Dutch Energy Challenges home assignments will also contain other themes than just saving, smart use of energy. Because we need "energy" for almost everything. For example, food is our body’s energy. Our food allows us to think and move, but where does that food come from? From a bag from the supermarket or do we grow it ourselves? What does it contribute to a better environment? The main focus of the assignments, however, will be focused on the core of the 2IMPREZS project: decreasing energy consumption to lower carbon emissions across the NSR and beyond.


An assignment to Energizers across the North Sea Region:

Do you perhaps have a kitchen garden, or maybe you grow tasty snack tomatoes on the balcony? We are very curious to hear what you think! Let us know by email or on our Facebook page. Drawings, videos etc. are more than welcome!

Next Monday, in the newspaper, you can see if you won the prize!

Don't forget to ask your parents if the content you submit can be used on our website and Facebook page! If you prefer not to, please note this while submitting, it will not affect winning a prize. Do your best, we can't wait for your reactions!


Team Energy Challenges had a lot of fun recording the first video. One of the reporters, Sofie, takes you to the vegetable garden of our neighbour, Henk. We hope you will like it too!