MOS presents the Energy Boxes at Energy Network Flanders

28 March 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
On Tuesday 26th of March, Energy Network Flanders organised an ‘Experience Exchange Event’ for schools interested in saving energy.


Several specialists presented their most common measures to save energy, clarifying them in a tour around the school building of Stedelijk Lyceum Topsport in Wilrijk, Belgium. One of the experts was 2IMPREZS partner MOS (Province of Antwerp.

Topics of this interactive day included air quality, solar panels, monitoring systems and of course, MOS’s famous energy box. In this box— specifically developed for students to use themselves in and around the school building—are all types of meters to measure the school’s CO2 exhaust, energy usage, room temperatures and more.

The energy box comes with a manual for both the teacher and the students in order to ensure they learn how to work with the meters and read their results correctly. Extra information and fun, hands-on exercises are provided as well.

MOS developed two different energy boxes, adapted to the skills and knowledge of primary school pupils and secondary school students. Schools can lend the box for three weeks, free of cost.




The MOS Energy Box for secondary schools








Contents of the MOS Energy Box 









The MOS Energy Boxincluding our Interreg NSR logo

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