Meet & Greet Partners in the Netherlands

29 January 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
The yearly partner meeting before the Energy Challenges Kick-Off in the Netherlands was a big success. Twenty partners that support the project attended the meeting in Groningen.

On the 25th of January in Groningen, before the big Kick-Off Energy Challenges event, a meet and greet partner meeting was held.  This is a yearly get together for partners that support the project in the Netherlands.

The meeting started with breakfast to easily get to know each other and to network.  For all partners, the team of Energy Challenges was introduced so they know who is working for the team behind the scenes and who they will be in contact with during the campaign.

The partner meeting was held in a separate room of the kick-off location, ‘Hanzeplaza’ in Groningen, which daily functions as a big conference centre.

At the end of the meeting all partners were alerted to the workshop of the ‘Future Chair’. All kids decorated a so called ‘Future Chair’, the chair is a symbol of the Future during meetings and conferences. This is to ensure that the decisions that are made today are in-sake of a good future, for the next generation.

The partners could buy a ‘Future Chair’ to join at their conference table in the company. The kids are now challenged to visit the company that bought a chair they decorated, to see if this has stimulated the companies to make better decisions for the future.