Introducing the Bekkteam of Groningen

24 March 2020 - Published by Debbie Glen
Introducing our highly ambitious Energizers from the KBS Bisschop-Bekkers School in Groningen, Netherlands – the Bekkteam!


A message written and translated by the Bekkteam themselves:

This year we are taking part in the campaign the Energy Challenges 2020.We are campaigning because we want to contribute to keeping our earth liveable and healthy for now and for future generations.

Last year we saved 30% on our energy bill! We hope to save at least 15% this year. During the campaign, we will be working in teams. Each team has one or more assignments. For example, a team would come up with a plan to explain to other classes how they can save energy. For example: we have set time switches in each class for charging the laptops. Other teams are looking in the province of Groningen for companies and buildings that are innovative in the field of sustainability. In addition, our schools will soon be connected to the heating network.

From all our actions we will be making a regional newsflash and a special Bekkteam tabloid. We will be presenting this newsflash and tabloid to the members of the provincial government.

We hope to earn all the stars during this campaign:

- Identity

- Plan of action

- Save

- Range

- Involving parents and organisations

- Presentation

- Event

- Effect after the campaign


During the campaign we closely follow our energy savings via the Energy monitor online (EMO).

What is the heat network?

With the heat network, homes receive hot water from a collective heat network where heat, is transferred through pipes in the ground to homes and other buildings. The heat enters its own central heating system via a "heat exchanger" in the home. Heat networks can be set up particularly well in neighbourhoods with dense buildings for residential blocks / flats with block heating in particular. The water must of course, be heated with renewable energy or residual heat.












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