German Energy Challenges Kick-off

08 March 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
Three schools take part in the German Energy Challenges Kick-Off

On the 26th of February 2019, the German Energy Challenges Kick-Off event took place in Rotenburg Wümme city town hall, hosted by the mayor of Rotenbrug Wümme, Mr Weber.


The three German Energy Challenge pilot schools which participated in the event were:

  • City of Eversen/Bergen Primary School - with 8 pupils and 1 teacher
  • IGS Achim from Achim - with 9 pupils and 1 teacher
  • Grammar School UNESCO Halephagenschule from Buxtehude - with 26 pulis and 6 teachers

The 'Energizers' were welcomed by the mayor of Rotenburg, then a presentation was given by Sven Achterman, a polar expedition leader.  He talked to the pupils and teachers about climate change and the effect on the Arctic and Antarctic.


Following this presentation Sebastian Martin informed the 'Energizers' about the “why, what, how” aspects of the Energy Challenges to give the pupils a clear picture how they will proceed with the challenges. After a short break, each individual 'Energizer' group of pupils showed their videos and presentations, then the primary school performed their Energizer-Dance.

The pupils where then split into two groups, and the primary school kids where given the opportunity to paint their own “Climate Influencing Banner” measuring 1.5m by 3m.  This banner consisted of ideas from what they learned throughout the morning, and resulted in a very colourful image.


Meanwhile, the older pupils participated in an ''Energy Parkour'' session, organised and provided by the 3N Kompetenzzentrum Niedersachsen during which they explored the importance of kinectic (motion) energy in our bodily movements through a series of fun exercises.  They had the opportunity to experience energy in various aspects, like producing energy on a special bike for inflating balloons, using FLIR cameras and doing various small energy experiments.

Through this approach, pupils had the opportunity to reflect on what energy is and where it comes from; to see that Energy needs a source to produce and to gain new insights on how to measure and track energy consumption. The feedback was very positive.


The teachers highly appreciated that the event was well structures so as they could sit back and have the kids take over the show. The teachers also appreciated the Klimaschutzagentur Niedersachsen providing materials to create interesting “energy saving” school lessons.

Due to the successful event and positive feedback, the mayor of Rotenburg registered the IGS Rotenburg for next year’s energy challenges.