E.Wattson to be Finalised by the Partnership

31 March 2021 - Published by Debbie Glen
Final adjustments of E.Wattson ‘’The Energy Detective’’ are underway.

E.Wattson ''The Energy Detective’’, originally referred to as the 2IMPREZS interactive energy optimisation demonstration model (IEODM), reacts to CO2 levels in a given classroom. If the level exceeds the maximum exposure level, the mascot will first become tired, slump over and eventually completely collapse. The goal of the E.Wattson is to ultimately utilise energy data from the 2IMPREZS schools to help pupils make energy-saving decisions in their schools.

Although there have been delays with the creation of E.Wattson, the partnership aims to finalise E.Wattson by project end. For one, the translation of the final version of E.Wattson has begun. Sensor boxes and solar cell kits are ready to be shipped to participating 2IMPREZS schools, which was delayed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Final corrections of the other equipment are taking place to make sure it is a learning experience for all pupils. Energy investments (financial) documents have been altered to fit the final concept of E.Wattson ''The Energy Detective”. A teacher’s guide has also been added to allow for the smoothest integration of the E.Wattson as possible.

With a keen eye on the specific aspect of 2IMPREZS seeking to influence school management and decision makers to implement impressive energy-reducing technologies and measures, a special feature of E.Wattson, called ''Make Decisions’’, has been added. This scenario suggests an approach for pupils to prepare and pitch advantages of initiating green investments at schools.

Additionally, an “About” page has been added to give pupils and teachers a quick overview of E.Wattson.