Energy Eaters invade school in Belgium

24 June 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
De Knipoog in Ranst, one of the Belgian schools in the project, has been invaded by Energy Eaters. Those little creatures point out the energy consumers in the school and need to be collected again by the kids. Are you ready to have your school invaded?


Primary school De Knipoog from Ranst in Belgium joined the Energy Challenges very eagerly, with the entire school signed up to partake in the Belgian energy-saving campaign.

One of the things they came up with were the Energy Eaters. These little creatures invaded the school and got stuck to all energy consumers in the building – such as heating valves, screens, door handles, windows, lights and so on... – marking where potential energy savings are possible!


Belgian Energizers boasting their glamorous Energy Eaters at the 2019 2IMPREZS Energy Fest in Belgium (Photo: © Compagnie Fotografie voor provincie Antwerpen)


The pupils could capture these rampant Energy Eaters by working on themes within their 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges campaign. For instance, if they closed the doors properly for 30 days in a row, they could remove the eaters from the door handles. The goal was to round up all the Energy Eaters again!

Throughout the year, pupils even got to take some of the Energy Eaters home to draw attention to the energy consumers there. At the end-of-year Belgian Energy Fest, held in an old bicycle factory in Lier, Belgium, the Belgian Energizers took part in a workshop to create their own Energy Eaters to release even more of them into the world...and spot even more unidentified energy consumers!  In this way, the project is also taken out off the classroom and brought into the home.


The little Energy Eaters are so so SO adorable, and they are very easy to make. Here’s how to make your own Energy Eaters at home (note: young children and old adults alike should be very careful when handling sharp objects and hot glue guns!):


1.   Take a tennis ball-size ball (this could be an old tennis ball from a nearby tennis court, or a foam ball)



2.   Cut a mouth in it, so you can fit it over a screen, door handle, etc…


3.   Glue some eyes on it



4.   Be creative and make them as funny or silly as you like


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The Energy Eaters are ready to invade your schools and home!




When you make your own 2IMPREZS Energizers at home and want to post about it on social media to spread the word, make sure to use the hashtags #2IMPREZS and #EnergyEaters – and to tag the @2IMPREZS project!


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