Energy Challenges Stakeholder Event

03 December 2018 - Published by Debbie Glen
On Wednesday 28th of November there was a stakeholder meeting for the Energy Challenges campaign in the Netherlands. Attendees were people who work in the field of energy/technique and local municipalities who support Energy Challenges. The goal of the meeting was to share knowledge and see what everyone is doing with sustainability.

The first speaker of the meeting was working at EnTranCe (Energy Transition Centre), a company working together with the University in Groningen to test sustainable solutions as innovative solar panels etc.

After this Syplon told what their role is in the Energy Challenges; where they organise all technical aspects of the campaign, and make sure the monitoring system works and analyse the energy consumption of the schools.

Also attending the meeting was arriva touring who organise the transport for the schools to the events of Energy Challenges. In 2013 we started our collaboration with one bus for 3 schools, and last year we had eleven buses transporting 16 schools to the finale event.

Last but not least Junior Energiecoach, a Dutch start-up, talked about activating families to save energy.  They made it a fun game of 6 weeks where the kids get a new assignment every week, and this year starts a pilot in the area of Groningen.

We plan to organise 4 meetings a year with the partners.

  • One before the campaign starts
  • One on the day of the Kick-off
  • One in the middle of the campaign
  • One on the day of the finale