Energy Challenges Netherlands 2020 Finale

29 June 2020 - Published by Debbie Glen
This year’s 2020 Energy Challenges Netherlands finale was celebrated on a much more local level, bringing together classrooms – rather than entire regions – of Energizers.


Normally at the end of each school year, a grand finale celebration, bringing together upwards of 400 pupils at a time, takes place for all Energy Challenges schools (per region). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, a large celebration of the school year’s achievements was not able to take place. Rather, the Energy Challenges Raging Reporter, Sofie Ebben, visited all regional Energy Challenges schools and hosted finales in the individual classrooms.

On the 10th June 2020, Sofie Ebben visited the outstanding KBS Bisschop Bekkerschool in Groningen, Netherlands to award the pupils much-deserved certificates demonstrating they have successfully participated in the campaign.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19, the Dutch 2IMPREZS schools were able to close the 2020 Energy Challenges campaign with plenty of smiles – and energy savings – to go around.