Energy Challenges: Home Edition

16 February 2021 - Published by Debbie Glen
The Dutch 2IMPREZS partner has developed a digital version of the Energy Challenges, as physical contact within the school is limited due to Covid-19.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Energy Challenge campaign has taken a new route:

"Energy Challenge: Home Edition"

Instead of their raging reporter, Sofie, physically visiting the schools as she has done in the past, she now digitally ''enters’’ the homes and schools of all the Dutch pupils and teachers participating in the Energy Challenges 2021 campaign.

Each Tuesday morning, Energy Challenges NL sends out their digital newsletter including weekly updates and a link to the latest "News Flash", through which the raging reporter, Sofie, gives weekly assignments relating to the carbon reduction campaign at school/home. This is both fun and educational – and most importantly, it allows the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges campaign to live on despite challenges brought on by the global pandemic.


This is an example of the Energy Challenges Home Edition, please note this video is in Durtch.