Energy Challenges 2019 Starting Again!

29 January 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
On Friday the 25th of January 2019 the Hanzeplaza filled with hundreds of enthusiastic students who will all participate in this year's Energy Challenges campaign!

Upon arrival, the students got a wristband with the text:

Energy Challenges, Smart with energy at school!

By making the students 'owner' of the energy bill of the school, they will certainly think of smart actions to get it down!

While all students were pouring into the big Hanze Hall, they were received by the face of Energy Challenges, Raynaud Ritsma. To make the energy level even better, he first set the students in motion. Swaying and jumping from left to right, Raynaud introduced the workshop that the students then followed.


The workshops

This time there were four workshops:

  • Future Chair #toekomststoel
  • Morgenland Movie
  • MAD Science Show
  • Energy Challenges Rap


Future chair

At the 'Future Chair', wooden chairs were painted. These chairs must represent the future. Several companies, such as the Gasunie, New Energy Coalition and the Municipality of Groningen, bought the chairs to put them at the conference table. The idea behind the Future Chair is that someone sits on this Future Chair during a meeting and at every meeting point the future generations are also thought of.


Movie Morgenland (Tommorowland)

The movie Morgenland is about the energy transition and shows animatedly what we can do to make society more sustainable. In addition, during this workshop, the pupils became acquainted with the Reporter who will come by a number of times at their school during the campaign!


Mad Science Show

During the Mad Science Show, the students learned about energy in a playful way. A number of students were allowed to put their hands on a large ball after which the professor put power on it, the long hair flew into the air and the pupils became completely static!


Energy Challenges Rap

This year, rapper Jelmer from Oost Wanted also taught the students the Energy Challenges Rap. "Go save man!" Reverberated through the halls of the Hanzeplaza.


Looking back on the event, it was a great success!

The team of Energy Challenges is very happy that everything went well, and all the students left the building completely worn-out, with a big smile on their face and a head full of new information.

If the pupils show this commitment during the campaign, big results will be achieved!