Energy Challenge accepted: 10 schools in the Campine region in Belgium are up for the challenge!

26 July 2022 - Published by Debbie Glen
In March 2022, IOK launched an open call to elementary school in the Campine region to participate in the project Energy Challenges, a free programme tailor-made for schools in which a coach together with a class of fifth or sixth grade students will work on the theme of energy.




Within the new-and-improved Energy Challenges programme, digital tools are used, such as a virtual reality game.

During the next school year, the following ten schools will take up the challenge to learn more about the energy consumption of their school and how to do it differently: 


  • De Vlieger - Kasterlee
  • De Duizendpoot - Meerhout
  • Klavertje - Herenthout
  • De Regenboog - Geel
  • MOZAwIEK - Mol
  • De Springplank - Lille
  • Schransdries - Beerse
  • Weg-wijzer - Dessel
  • De Leeroase - Geel
  • 't Egeltje – Mol


The schools are all new to the project, further building capacity of the 2IMPREZS concept in Belgium, and are all excited to be a part of the now digitised 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges.