De Knipoog Primary School in Ranst Kick-Off their Energy Challenge

04 February 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
What is global warming? Where does it come from? How can we reduce the energy we use? All pupils (age 2½ to 12) from De Knipoog in Ranst, learned more about climate change when they kicked off Energy Challenges in their school.

The teachers at De Knipoog in Ranst are very keen to introduce their children to climate change and energy use. On Monday January 28th they kicked off the Energy Challenges with the whole school. A professor and a polar bear visited the school to introduce the problems of global warming.

A large amount of Energy-eaters got spread in the school by the pupils, pointing out where energy is used, and where energy can be saved.

Every class will be working on the subject, and even the parents are being involved!

Let the energy drop at the Knipoog in Ranst!

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