Danish Networking Meeting – Green opportunities in Interreg North Sea Programme

29 May 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
On the 24th of January 2019, there was a networking meeting in Frederica, Denmark. Twenty-five Danish influencers and implementers working with green solutions in various ways met to share knowledge and ideas. Birgitte Bjørn Petersen from 2IMPREZS partner House of Science (HoS) joined the meeting and was invited to present 2IMPREZS.


Birgitte Bjørn Petersen presented 2IMPREZS as an example of an EU-funded, Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) project and explained how 2IMPREZS has developed from an application to a well-received project. In detail, she discussed the application process and how HoS and the Municipality of Sønderborg became involved in the 2IMPREZS NSR project. Petersen explained the 2IMPREZS focus on implementing energy saving methods to develop energy-efficient and nearly zero-energy schools. One of the core tasks in the project is to reduce the carbon emission from public schools by initiating behavioural change among the pupils.


The following Danish municipalities and authorities was represented at the meeting:

  • Assens Municipality
  • Fredericia Municipality
  • Fredericia Wastewater and Energy
  • Funen Maritime Cluster
  • Kerteminde Municipality
  • Kolding Municipality
  • Ministry of the Environment and Food
  • Environmental Forum Funen
  • Nature Park Lillebælt
  • Nyborg Municipality
  • Odense Municipality
  • Region Southern Denmark
  • Sønderborg Municipality
  • Vejle Municipality
  • Ærø Municipality
  • Interreg Northsee
  • The EU-office of Southern Denmark



Mr. Jesper Jönsson from NSR Joint Secretariat (JS) office in Viborg, Denmark was an excellent keynote speaker, as he paved the way for the other speakers from the participating municipalities discussed their experience regarding EU-projects. The aim of the meeting was to encourage members of the Network of Innovation Management and Strategy (NIMS) to apply for NSR-funded projects.