Climate Lessons in Provincial Schools of Antwerp

26 March 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
Students in the provincial schools of Antwerp are worried about the future of the climate—they question the approach towards climate problems, and therefore question the governments responsible for handling those problems.


As a result, the protests on the street have made their way into the classrooms as well, and following the protests, Thursday has become the weekly climate day in Belgium.

Because correct information is the foundation for a good solution, all provincial schools receive climate lessons for their oldest pupils, aged 16 to 18. Our 2IMPREZS partner, MOS (Province of Antwerp), is one of the leading authorities providing these climate lessons. The climate lessons clarify the concepts of ‘climate’ and ‘climate change’, and students get to see the causes and consequences of a change in climate. Both the differences and the overlaps between climate problems and environmental issues are addressed.

Subsequently, possible solutions are discussed and the way the 2IMPREZS Province of Antwerp is working on those solutions is clarified. For instance, the province focuses on new technologies and renewable energy, but also on energy efficiency and the reduction of energy use.

Aside from this, the Province of Antwerp is also working on climate change adaptation. In the next years, an ambitious water policy will be set in place to anticipate both the more frequent flooding and longer dry periods.

In order to contribute to a better climate, the 2IMPREZS partner Province of Antwerp will make several well-aimed investments in natural solutions. The parks and other green domains compensate for the exhaust produced by the province’s work activities. This will work together with other measures, such as afforestation, protecting ecosystems like grasslands, wetlands and other soils is an important part of the battle against climate change and for a better environment. The Province of Antwerp is investing in a better quality of air, water and soil, as well as in a living environment where inhabitants can find peace of mind, recreation and relaxation.

Last but not least, the climate lessons shed light on specific projects the province is working on. The provincial climate plan for 2020 has been clarified, with priorities such as reducing the net exhaust to zero in 2020. Some CO2-reducing measures have made their way to the new Energy Neutral Governmental Office of Energy-Friendly Lighting, and to take on a global approach, the province commits itself to compensate exhaust in Antwerp with afforestation in the South.


The climate-focused lessons are being rolled out over five provincial schools between March 20th and April 4th.