03 June 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
On Friday, the 24th of May 2019, students from 17 Flemish schools participating in the European project “2IMPREZS – Energy Challenges” presented their climate actions from the past school year.

The Flemish Energy Fest occurred simultaneously with the Dutch 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges Finale in Leek, Netherlands, in order to align their energy saving actions and upscale the Energy Challenges concept on an international level.

The 2IMPREZS project, funded by Interreg North Sea Region and the Province of Antwerp (for Belgian schools), challenges schools to save 30% of CO2 emissions by working on both technical measures and education, or behavioural changes. In Belgium, partners include the Province of Antwerp, MOS, IOK, IGEMO, Thomas More and Djapo. Together, this passionate Flemish team is dedicated to put pupils in charge of their schools’ energy decisions.

Hosted by "Low Impact Man" Steven Vromman, the Belgian 2IMPREZS Energy Fest was kicked off with a presentation of different schools on how they integrated the project and its goals into their lessons. First up to show off their energy saving results was Sancta Maria, a primary school in Willebroek, Belgium. The pupils came to the stage with large posters full of powerful slogans. They campaigned throughout the year to turn off the lights, set the heating lower and think about a generally healthy climate.

Another outstanding 2IMPREZS primary school, the ‘’Amigos’’ of De Knipoog in Ranst, made ‘Energy Eaters’ as a part of their energy saving initiatives. First grade pupil, Pepijn, explains: “The energy eaters are spread throughout the school. They sit on door handles, the teacher’s computer screen, the heating, the windows…[etc.]. If we work together to close all doors and windows and shut down the computer, we can catch the energy eaters.”

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These little monsters also gathered into old bicycle factory in Lier, where the students gathered for their festive energy day. Each participant crafted an Energy Eater out of an old tennis ball, to take home and continue the good work outside of the school buildings.


The 2IMPREZS Energy Eaters, initially brainstormed by Energizers in the Belgian 2IMPREZS schools, have also made their way to the Danish 2IMPREZS schools at the Municipality of Sønderborg’s end-of-year energy celebration. Soon, they will bounce into schools all across the North Sea Region – and beyond!

Pupils from the primary school Qworzo in Merksplas prepared a Viking Clap for the climate. After rehearsing the clap with all Belgian participants, they picked up the phone (or really, the laptop) for an international video conference call to the other NSR countries in the project. Together, they sent a powerful message into the world: 11 claps, representing the years we have left until 2030 to undertake significant climate action before it’s too late.



To send the pupils home inspired for the future, ‘’Low Impact Man’’ Steven Vromman presented his climate show, in which he explained all the different (fun!) ways to save energy. From an outside shower with water heated by the sun, or your own herb garden on the terrace—every little bit helps to make the future bright!


Congratulations to the Energizers of Belgium!



Copyright: Compagnie Fotografie for Province of Antwerp