Belgian school Qworzó is preparing to impress by implementing a major energy renovation to save energy

07 November 2018 - Published by Debbie Glen
The Belgian municipal primary school Qworzó has taken on the challenge to save at least 30% energy at school. The municipality of Merksplas has decided to implement a major energy renovation.

Since September 2018, 12 Belgian schools within the IOK partner region are implementing Energy Challenges. The municipal school Qworzó is one of those.

Qworzó is a municipal primary school with 440 pupils from 3 to 12 years of age. The school building was built in 1985. In 2009 the school had an energy consumption of 250 kWh / m², which was quite high for a primary school. In 2013, the heating installation was renewed, reducing energy consumption for heating by 30 percent.




Both the school and the city council want to reduce energy consumption even more, therefore, at the technical level, an important decision has already been taken:

  • the city council has decided that the school building will undergo a major energy renovation

This means, among other things, that the entire building envelope will be stripped and insulated. High-efficiency glazing and energy-efficient lighting will be installed (relighting) ... A Flemish AGION subsidy application has already been submitted for this.

On an educational level, Qworzó has decided to use this school year as a preparatory year to fully roll out the 'Energy Challenges' within the school starting September 2019. This school year two pedagogical study days at school, with all school staff participating, are reserved to tailor shape the project approach for next school year.

Qworzó is preparing to impress.