Belgian school ‘Klim-op Herenthout’ reduces its carbon footprint by over 30 tonnes of CO2

02 April 2020 - Published by Debbie Glen
At the start of 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges, the schools’ technical working group put together a detailed climate action plan. The municipality council has approved this plan, issued the necessary monies and already made some investments. This has resulted in significant energy savings and a lower carbon footprint for the Belgian school, Klim-op Herenthout.


Based on the schools Energy Challenges climate action plan, several measures have already been taken at the school: 

  1. replacing old wooden windows with single glazing by Alu window profiles with high-efficiency glass with U-value 1.0.
  2. the attic is used as storage space and is not heated. The attic floor was therefore insulated with PIR insulation, which was finished at the top with a sheet material to allow storage on top of the insulation.
  3. 45 solar panels were also placed on the roof of the school.


The first two energy-saving investments save 31 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, while the solar panels reduce CO2 emissions by an additional 2.3 tonnes annually. Their expected annual energy production is 12 MWh. The solar panels are also connected to a display, which demonstrates real-time energy production data at the school. This way, pupils, teachers, building managers and other end users at the school can visualise climate action directly.




These measures, approved and financed by the municipality council, were implemented with the help of the Flemish energy distribution system operator Fluvius. Agion (i.e. the Infrastructure in Education Agency) has subsidised a significant part of these investments.

But the 2IMPREZS climate action plan doesn’t stop there. In total, the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges climate action plan consists of 15 measures, so the technical working group is continuing to implement additional measures.

On an educational level, the school was preparing a school party completely devoted to Energy Challenges, which would have involved all pupils at the school. Unfortunately, this cannot be carried out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the bright side, the school has decided to continue working on their energy theme next year and will therefore organise a 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges school party at the end of next school year.


Pictured below: The schools’ 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges mascot, Guy, is also protecting itself from Corona!