An energising update from Grundschule Eversen

10 May 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
Grundschule Eversen (‘’Primary School Eversen’’) gives an inspiring update on how the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges are proceeding in the German pilot region of Lower Saxony.


Grundschule Eversen (‘’Primary School Eversen’’), one of the three outstanding German pilot schools partaking in the 2019 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges, is a primary school located in the Lower Saxony region of Germany. The entire school is participating in the 2019 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges, which includes four classes and approximately 60 energised pupils – or ‘’Energizers’’.

The current school building (see photo 1) dates back to 1950, but this ‘’Grundschule’’ has been located at their location in Lower Saxony since 1884. However, just because the school has been around for a while doesn’t mean that the pupils and teachers of Eversen are not ready to shake things up!


Photo 1: The school building of Grundschule Eversen (‘’Primary School Eversen’’), established in 1884.


Due to the relatively small number of pupils currently enrolled at the school, and the desire of most students to be one of the esteemed Energizers, the Grundschule Eversen has decided to give each and every pupil the opportunity to hold a position on the school’s energy team through a rotating system. These special Energizers of Grundschule Eversen have renamed themselves the ‘’Stromagenten’’ (‘’Energy Agents’’) of Eversen – and they are out to save some serious energy!


Photo 2: The ‘’Stromagenten’’ (‘’Energy Agents’’) of Grundschule Eversen posing in their impressive 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges uniforms that boast, ‘’Wir sparen Energie!’’ (‘’We’re saving energy!’’).


Since the 2019 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges official German kick-off in February, energy-saving behavioural rules have been established by the pupils, and signs reminding pupils, teachers and other school building users to consume energy sparingly have been posted wherever the Stromagenten deem most appropriate and effective. If the Stromagenten look almost too impressive in their ‘’stylisch’’ uniforms, that’s because they are – and they absolutely keep an eye on the other energy-consuming pupils (in a friendly and supportive way, of course)! 

Grundschule Eversen has been an excellent German 2IMPREZS pilot school, with their inclusive and playful approach to saving energy serving as inspiration to other participating schools. The Stromagenten performed a fantastic and high-energy dance, plus painted an amazing banner, at the official 2019 2IMPREZS kick-off ceremony in Rotenburg City Hall, and they are sure to spark excitement in the other Energizers once again at the German 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges Finale this July.

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Photo 3 & 4: Pupils are tracking the daily energy consumption of their school building and have created signs for energy saving actions such as turning down the heating and switching of the light when the classroom is not in use. Never forget: ‘’Licht aus, wenn alle sind raus!’’ (‘’Light off when everyone is out [of the classroom]!’’)




Photo 5: The Grundschule Eversen Stromagenten performing their high-energy skit and dance at the 2019 German 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges Kick-off in Rotenburg City Hall this February.


On top of energy-saving behavioural changes that have been enacted by the Stromagenten of Eversen, the primary school has also had their lighting system analysed by energy professionals, which resulted in the school’s request to the city to switch to LED. Another request has been made to the city to install solar photovoltaic (PV), or solar panels, on the roof of the school building to reduce Grundschule Eversen’s carbon impact even further.

Due to the limited number of pupils and classes at the Grundschule Eversen, as well as the young ages of the Energizers (6-10), the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges are proving to make a big impression on the pupils. Grundschule Eversen has established a connection with the caretakers of the school to ensure the Stromagenten’s actions and suggestions for improvement are taken into account by all building managers and users, and contact has even been established with some local politicians. The whole school has put their creative and forward-thinking heads together in their quest to save energy one behavioural change at a time.

‘’Wir sparen Energie!’’ (‘’We’re saving energy!’’) shouts the Stromagenten of Grundschule Eversen – to which 2IMPREZS replies, ‘’You go, Eversen!’’