Energy Challenges Stakeholder Event

03 December 2018

On Wednesday 28th of November there was a stakeholder meeting for the Energy Challenges campaign in the Netherlands. Attendees were people who work in the field of energy/technique and local municip…

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30 November 2018


The Energizers of Groningen show off their Energy Challenges achievements at the Energy Fair of the 2018 Finale, and De Windroos Primary School takes the gold!


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Teachers sharing experiences makes a strong difference for Energy Challenges

12 November 2018

Teacher meetings of Energy Challenges Noord. On 6th November we were guests at CBS Tourmaline in Franeker and on November 8th we were welcome at the Brederoschool in Groningen.

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School building managers meet for the first Network Event

07 November 2018

On the 25th of October, 17 school building managers got together in a school in Mechelen to exchange knowledge and learn more about possible energy saving measures.

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Belgian school Qworzó is preparing to impress by implementing a major energy renovation to save energy

07 November 2018

The Belgian municipal primary school Qworzó has taken on the challenge to save at least 30% energy at school. The municipality of Merksplas has decided to implement a major energy renovation.

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The Amigos of the Sint-Jan Berchmans College take up the Energy Challenge

06 November 2018

The Secondary School of the Sint-Jan Berchmans College are no strangers to saving energy, they are one of the greenest schools in the region. Although all things can still be improved, and they can’t…

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3rd International Partner Meeting in UK for 2IMPREZS

02 November 2018

Field Trip! The 2IMPREZS Partnership headed to Southend-on-Sea, in the UK to exchange experiences and prepare for the regional 2019 and international 2020 Energy Challenges.

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Teacher training ‘Starting energy measurements with students’

26 October 2018

In Energy Challenges monitoring energy consumption and performing energy measurements is very important. We support schools to do this with their students.

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Teaching the teachers at De Knipoog

16 October 2018

MOS organised an educational day for all teachers of primary school ‘De Knipoog’ in Ranst, to get them started in the 2IMPREZS project.

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2IMPREZS at the Inspire & Learn Fair

15 October 2018

MOS Antwerpen presented the 2IMPREZS project and the energy boxes at the Inspire & Learn Fair in Mol, Belgium. An educational event for +/- 1000 teachers from the Province of Antwerp.

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